The Devil Mannfred: A Cyclops Yarn

Montréal, 1927. A mysterious figure known as the Cyclops watches over the city. His agents are legion, with one thing in common- they have all done evil, but desire to do better.

(This story is a few years old but I never uploaded it)

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What Thieves of Alfuo Do

The eleventh story of Desiderio and Baros, now of thrice-cursed Port Venture, and their struggles in the strange and alien Wracklands and the first part of Volume II: The Exiles of Alfuo! A hellish boomtown at the edge of poisoned, mad jungles. Ancient tombs of a people long forgotten. A green hell inimical to human life. And two desperate adventurers cast adrift, carving out their place in this new world with blade and hex.
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